Girne Rent A Car

This company, which was first established as a family enterprise in Kyrenia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 2003, is a member of the rent-a-car committee of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It also serves with certificate completely and completely. We are honored to serve our valued customers very quickly and effectively.

As North Cyprus rent a car company, our vision is always to follow the latest information technology methods and to serve our valued customers in this way.

Vehicles We Have For Your Service;

When we started this business, we had a vehicle close to it. However, our company has developed as a result of our valued customers’ appreciation and consistently giving them good points.

Our company employees are working to ensure that our valued customers receive the best service. Thanks to the special trainings we provide every year, our company employees are improving themselves in car rental.

The general terms and conditions of renting a car from our North Cyprus Rent A Car company are as follows.

To rent a car from North Cyprus car hire,

Our car rental prices will really surprise you. Moreover, we are a company that is very flexible in car rental conditions. We are very understanding about this issue against our customers. Therefore, we have no problems with our customers.

You can use the car you have rented from our Kyrenia rent a car company in Cyprus at a maximum speed of 100 km. This rule is a good rule for your health. Please do not forget to consider this rule.

A car rental agreement will be signed before renting a car. The date on which the car will be returned will be indicated there. If you want to use the vehicle you have rented more and travel more, it will be sufficient to reach us through our phone numbers in the car rental agreement and indicate this situation to us.

In Which Situations Other than Car Rental Fee Is Paid?

When you deliver the car late to us, you will have to pay another Fee under the name of the late delivery fee.

The penalties arising from parking penalties and other liabilities and the changes related to the reservation dates, cancellations and refunds are not refunded to the person.

For example, when you rent a Ford Fiesta car from our North Cyprus Car Hire company, it becomes much more advantageous for a nuclear family, especially if you rent it between 3 days and 6 days. Of course, we also have vehicles in the luxury vehicle category. First of all, after meeting the conditions such as the age requirement for the car rental or the age requirement of the driver’s license, anyone can rent a car.

You do not need to pay any deposit before renting a car from our Girne car rental company. We are a company that prefers to trust our customers. We embrace the idea that exchanges based on mutual trust are always lucrative for both parties.


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